Hide My Ass IPSEC VPN Review

With it’s quirky name, this company does just what it says on the tin. Famous for their features, this service provider offers a series of software tools intended to offer protection to cyberspace users‘ web based privacy.

HideMyAss.com started out in 2005 as a job of the USA business Privax. Hide my Butt (or HMA ) is among the very most well-known VPN suppliers globally. Even they gave the name of the Lulzsec-Hacker „Sabu“ to the FBI did not necessarily cease the prevalence of the VPN service.

To make use of the Pro VPN, Hide my Ass offers an excellent software allowing an individual to readily configure the VPN connection he needs. You can choos the countriy where you want an ip from to unblock video streaming sites or websites . It is possible to additionally chools the Protocols along with an automatic connection renewal every x seconds. There is a 30 second period minimal.

The program also offers a built-in speed evaluation so that it is easy to locate the most rapid vpn server in every state. Both ping time and up/ their VPN software tests download speed.

Compare HidemyAss to other Top Providers:

HidemyAss has no data transfer limitation, considerably as you would like, it is possible to download large files as well as use bittorrent or file hosters. In comparison with other VPN Suppliers, Hide my Ass offers an extremely great up- and download speed, depending on which state you decide on.

Its paid applications option offers access to over 120,000 IPs and 940 servers in 190 nations: Israel, Czech Republic, Singapore, Turkey, China and Costa Rica, U.S., Argentina, Norway, Aland Island, Panama, Estonia, India, New Zealand, Italy, Vietnam, U.S., Serbia, South Korea, Sweden, Spain, Columbia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Japan, France, Cyprus, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Denmark, Belgium, UK, Germany, Thailand, Chile, Jordan, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Finland, Moldova, Croatia, Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, UK, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Ireland, Philippines, Australia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Morocco, South Africa, Canada, Canada .

HMA offers free goodies like redirecting services and upload and internet proxy, which don’t need additional software. It maintains supplier logs, including log in/log out times as well as the IP addresses. Illegal action may result in account termination. More in this HidemyAss Review.

In addition they keep logs of the next data: IP Adress, join time although hMA says they actually protect their clients privacy and disconnect time. As the case illegal actions may be monitored through Hide my Ass.  But only should you be an actual gangster. For unblocking and filesharing of Websites like Netflix, Hide my butt still is among the choices that are most effective due to its own speed, connection reliability as well as a software client that is very good.