Perfect Privacy IPSEC VPN Review

At December 2014 Perfect Privacy supplied 36 distinct servers in 26 state places ( Luxembourg, Ukraine, USA, Brazil, France, Australia, Canada, Panama, Egypt, Lithuania, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Sweden, Japan, Romania, Iceland, Turkey, China, Germany, Netherlands ), offering customers chance to gain access to virtual private networking (VPN) services and ensure anonymous usage of the web.

Customers will see with Perfect Privacy is a simple matter and payment may be produced by means of several alternatives, including BitCoin for consumers wanting to stay completely anonymous registering. Clients are able to benefit from marked down costs when they sign up over a longer duration of time, or can register with Perfect Privacy on a rolling monthly service, payable in advance.

Perfect Privacy supply on-line tutorials to help customers setting up the VPN service on iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and routers, although there are not any tutorials. It is a simple issue to check out the web directions and install the VPN direct -enabled devices and get the protection of secure encryption. Perfect Privacy customers will not be permitted to pass any third parties log in details, nevertheless it’s not impossible to load the VPN onto as many devices. Many VPN suppliers do restrict the empowered devices to two or one, which means this can be an excellent choice.

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OpenVPN protocol is used by perfect Privacy, although other protocols can be found and these comprise Socks5 Proxies IPSec and SSH2 tunnel. VPN users that are professional will locate this service is perfect.

Torrenting and P2P customers will discover although copyright problems inside America means they do prevent access on servers that are in America Perfect Privacy provides a dependable service outside America. Customers will discover that no bandwidth limits are made by Perfect Privacy and it is simple to change between servers the VPN is busy.

The Member section of the Perfect Privacy web site gives info and added detail on use and there is a customer forum and detail any difficulties they have using the service. Support services will also be accessible through the Member section of the website. The organization web site give current use advice detail on servers are available in the Member section of the website and does supply details of servers. More in this Perfect Privacy Review.

Customers seeking a safe and encrypted Internet tunnel to provide anonymity that is ensured for data which is transmitted or received will find an excellent alternative is offered by Perfect Privacy, although costs are higher than another supplier